Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2020

A picture from Yulin of a dog

 The festival in Yulin, China where thousands of dogs are reportedly consumed in a span of 10 days is being celebrated in 2020 even after a ban of the sale and consumption of wild animals including dogs which was implemented by the Chinese government. The WHO(World Health Organization) warns that the dog trade may spread rabies and increase the risk of COVID19 even after all these situations the Chinese authorities have done nothing to stop the festival. Though for relieve Chinese government is drawing up new laws to prohibit the wildlife trade and protect pets, and campaigners are hoping that this year will be the last time the festival is held.

Peter Li, China policy specialist with the Humane Society International, an animal rights group said, “Allowing mass gatherings to trade in and consume dog meat in crowded markets and restaurants in the name of a festival poses a significant public health risk.”

Anushka Sharma expresses her rage on china dog meat festival

According to a survey Most of the Chinese avoid eating dog meat only 20% of the population encourages eating dog meat. Most people protesting this festival seem to do it because they have a strong emotional relationship with dogs and somehow see dogs as better beings than other animals, Protest is not based purely on emotion and nothing else. Rationality and emotion are a whole. China stands condemned by the world community for the manner in which it treats the non-human animals unfortunate to be born within its borders.

Kartik Aaryan urging everyone to celebrate dog festival

In April, Shenzhen became the first city in the mainland to ban the consumption of dogs, with others expected to follow the suit. The agriculture ministry also decided to classify dogs as pets rather than livestock, though it remains unclear how the reclassification will affect Yulin’s trade.

For 12 years now Humane Society International has been fighting ‚ÄúChina‚Äôs dog meat trade. Working with activists on the ground, they have attracted global censure. Each year, the world watches with horror as dogs and cats are ‚Äčkilled for human consumption at the Yulin dog meat festival, but this same cruelty takes place year-round across China. Dogs trapped in this trade are often stolen pets, and they are transported over long distances in violation of the country‚Äôs live animal transport regulations. The trade also poses a serious public health threat to the nation‚Äôs 1.4 billion people.


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